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NEW HAVEN — “George Lesiw has been playing guitar around New Haven — with occasional brushes with fame and far-flung forays to places like New York City’s The Knitting Factory and the Long Beach and Temecula Valley (Calif.) jazz festivals — for more than two decades now. He’s also long been one of the more dynamic players on the Greater New Haven scene.
“So the release of Lesiw’s third CD, “Clarity,” is something to celebrate.”Mark Zaretsky, New Haven Register Staff

George Lesiw has been developing his particular brand of smooth yet angular guitar jazz for over a decade now. The title of his new album, Clarity, suggests that he’s reached a new level. It’s a warm and enveloping sound, yet not the background music so much modern jazz inevitably becomes.” - Christopher Arnott, The Daily Nutmeg, New Haven


"Breaking down the songs, stepping behind the screen of relaxation, we can see the Wizard of Oz here has a strong mastery over pacing and a strong general control over the resulting mood and feel of his music. This is music that dads can groove to. And the smartest kids groove to dad music too." - Chelsea K. Palmer, WWW.CTINDIE.COM

"When reflecting upon Miles Davis' original thoughts surrounding fusion jazz, I have to say that George Lesiw has done a masterful job of interpreting those ideas." - Sheldon T. Nunn 


"wild and wonderful leading you down paths of music collaboration that you never dreamed possible." - J-Sin


"THIS MUSIC WILL MOVE YOU!!!! VERY COOL!!" " - Jeff Vallet, 

Jay Vee Music of The Chronicle (Port Allen, LA)



"When their playing unhinges—when either affects a bit of a stutter on his instrument and lets his playing fall into organized chaos—that's where the real personality, spark and flat-out fun shines through for this jazz trio (with a hint of rock's drive).” Brian LaRue (New Haven Advocate).  




From Live Performance of “Clarity” July 7th 2012


 “An unforgettable experience listening to your project Sat night ♥ Amidst my dancing, a fellow musician turned to me and said 'now this is music for musicians'... it struck a nerve and has been stuck in my head ever since...THANK YOU for entertaining our ears and inspiring our dreams!!! ♥” - Erica Lynn Hulme

“Damn good tunes George! thank-YOU for the experience! :)” - Dawn Blakeman

“New material is PHENOMENAL!!! look forward to catching you again soon hopefully!!! THANK YOU!!!” - Adam Faccin